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Finca Villa Loyola / Special Prep

Raspberry, Kumquat, Walnut

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A special fermentation experiment at Finca Villa Loyola yields a sweet and juicy cup with great depth. Aromas of raspberry, honeysuckle, and concord grape lead to flavors of peach and nougat in the cup. The juicy body and citrusy kumquat acidity lead to an aftertaste of walnut, with an undertone of Swiss chocolate lingering throughout.


Producer: Padre José Aguilar Posada
Farm: Villa Loyola
Region: Nariño
Altitude: 6160 feet
Varietal: Caturra
Process: Special Fermentation
Roast: Light
Notes: Raspberry, Kumquat, Walnut

The Story

This Special Prep lot is the result of a fermentation experiment at Villa Loyola that combined elements of the natural, honey, and washed processes all in one.

After the coffee cherries were picked, they were rinsed and sealed in plastic 55-gallon containers. The containers were moved to an insulated room positioned in the center of the mill, where the ambient temperature is 5-10 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than the weather outside. The cherries were allowed to ferment this way for 72 hours before being depulped. When the containers were opened, they smelled of tropical and stone fruits. After depulping, the usually transparent mucilage on the seed had taken on a pinkish hue (“Like pickled onions!” according to Padre Joe). From there the seeds were processed as Villa Loyola's washed coffees usually are: the mucilage-covered seeds were placed in stainless steel containers to ferment for about 48 hours, or until the mucilage had adequately broken down. The seeds were then washed and moved to shade-covered raised beds to dry.

Direct Trade

Finca Villa Loyola has been our Direct Trade partner since 2011. Following a first-place finish in the 2008 Colombia Cup of Excellence, Villa Loyola’s story has been one of impressive growth and improvement. The farm has a winning combination of high elevation and the lauded Caturra variety of coffee trees. These trees have been planted under a shade canopy which serves as a wind barrier, improving the sweetness and character of the coffee while providing a natural habitat for indigenous species. Over the last few years, farm manager José Luis Almeida has worked hand in hand with us to improve picking and processing of the coffee, further improving its quality.

In 2012 leadership of Villa Loyola fell to Padre José Alejandro Aguilar Posada. With a worldly education received in Colombia, Brazil, Congo, and the United States, Padre Joe has extensive knowledge and experience in agro-ecology, sustainability, rural development, regional sustainability, and eco-theology. Throughout his life and travels he has been deeply involved in sustainable agricultural development and rural economics. His unique background is perfectly suited for the work at Villa Loyola. With his guidance, Villa Loyola will continue to advance its sustainable practices while improving the lives of the workers and surrounding community.

Villa Loyola has been working closely with the Committee of Coffee Growers of Nariño, providing better wages and living conditions for the permanent and temporary workers on the farm. Seven hectares of the farm have been isolated by the Environment Control Center of the Department of Nariño for the cultivation of Guadua bamboo which can be used for tools by all of the farms and coffee growers in the region.

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