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Thiriku AA

Peach, Raspberry, Toasted Coconut

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Enticing aromas of honey butter and raspberry jam lead to a juicy, full cup, with notes of peach and vanilla balanced by fresh raspberry acidity. Toasted coconut and a hint of ginger emerge in the aftertaste for a well-rounded, satisfying finish.

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Producer: Thiriku Coffee Factory
Farm: Thiriku Coffee Growers Cooperative Society
Region: Nyeri County
Farm Altitude: 5,000-5,575 feet
Mill Altitude: 6,230 feet
Varietals: SL-28, SL-34, Ruiru 11, Batian
Process: Washed
Roast: Light-Medium
Notes: Peach, Raspberry, Toasted Coconut

The Story

Nestled between Mt. Kenya to the northeast and the Aberdare ridges to the west lies the Thiriku Coffee Factory in Nyeri, Kenya. The factory belongs to the Thiriku Coffee Growers Cooperative Society, which is managed by nine democratically elected board members. Board members ensure that smallholder farmers receive advances for school fees, farm improvements, and emergencies. The factory manager is retrained every two years to ensure that proper harvesting and processing techniques are utilized.

The Thiriku Coffee Growers Cooperative is Rainforest Alliance Certified and each smallholder has about 200 trees on their farm. The rich red volcanic loam soils maintain adequate moisture content with an average of about 45 inches of rain annually. This micro-climate produces coffee that is incredibly unique, known for its bright citrus acidity, full body, and fruit flavors.

Farmers selectively handpick the ripest, reddest cherries, which are delivered to the cooperative’s wet mill on the same day. Cherries are hand sorted prior to pulping, with damaged and under-ripe cherries being separated out from the ripe lots. After pulping, the coffee is fermented for between 16 and 24 hours and then washed in clean, fresh river water to remove all mucilage before drying on raised beds for 9 to 15 days. While drying, the parchment is repeatedly sorted to remove any damaged or discolored beans.

This is not our first offering of coffee from the Thiriku processing station. In 2011, our roast received 95 points from Coffee Review, and in 2012 Jeff and Maritza Taylor had the opportunity to visit the co-op during the harvest season. We are happy to have this beautiful coffee back in our lineup this fall.

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