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El Socorro / Santa Teresa

Strawberry Jam, Red Grape, Hazelnut
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This light-roasted coffee features a rich cherry-chocolate aroma. In the cup we found notes of strawberry jam with a red grape sweetness, a juicy body, and bright acidity similar to pink grapefruit. The finish is soft, with a note of hazelnut.

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Producer: Juan Diego de la Cerda
Farm: Finca El Socorro
Altitude: 5400 - 5700 feet
Varietal: Maracaturra
Process: Washed
Roast: Light
Notes: Strawberry Jam, Red Grape, Hazelnut

The Story

This special nanolot of Maracaturra was chosen for this year’s harvest by our representative, Brent Piepergerdes, in 2016. The Santa Teresa lot sits on a steep, west-facing slope extending to the crest of the hill on the southwestern side of El Socorro. The coffee shrubs and shade trees were pruned back in 2014. We believe the increased sunshine and colder night temperatures have contributed to a sweeter flavor profile.

This uncommon varietal is a hybrid of a the giant Maragogype bean with the more traditional and sweet Caturra varietal. This unique bean, via the dedication and skill of the producers of Finca El Socorro, creates a coffee that is delicate, flavorful, and sweet.

The Maracaturra varietal from El Socorro is grown around 5700 feet near the town of Palencia. After harvest the coffee is washed and processed directly on the farm.

Direct Trade

In 2011, the Maracaturra lot won the Guatemala Cup of Excellence Competition. El Socorro has proven to be one of the best coffee farms in Guatemala year after year. In 2007, it won 1st place in the Guatemala Cup of Excellence for the first time and took 4th place in the same competition in 2008. Such consistent results made us jump at the chance to become Direct Trade partners with Juan Diego and Finca El Socorro.

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