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Rwenzori Kisinga Natural

Plum, Walnut, Ginger Powder

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This wine-like cup opens with tamarind and cocoa aromas. We found notes of plum, dried ginger, and mixed berries when brewed. Grape-like acidity complements its round body and deep sweetness. The finish is pleasantly dry, with notes of walnut and yellow cake.


Producer: Kisinga Washing Station
Farm: Smallholders
Region: Rwenzori Range, Western Uganda
Altitude: 6,890 feet | 2,100 masl
Varietal: SL14, SL28
Process: Natural
Roast: Light
Notes: Plum, Walnut, Ginger Powder

The Story

Imported by Genuine Origin.

"Located 25km southwest of Kasese, the Kisinga Washing Station was built in 2015 to explore the full potential of Rwenzori’s arabica coffee and to support farmers improving their yields, profits and subsequently their living conditions.

"Today, Kisinga Washing Station is improving quality by paying farmers more than double the price they would receive for 'drugars' (Dried Ugandan Arabicas). And the proof is in the cup; Kisinga is winning awards for both its washed and natural processed coffees.

"The Rwenzori Mountain Range (‘Mountains of the Moon’) has the high elevation and soil needed to produce high-scoring coffees, competing with the quality of coffees grown on Mt. Elgon. Unfortunately, this region is rife with conflict and many refugees unfamiliar with the land and its agricultural strengths. Over the last few years, NGOs have brought in financial and educational support and farmers are beginning to reap the benefits. Coffee quality is rising and so are the prices they garner. There is hope for a bright future for Rwenzori coffees."

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