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Old '93

25th Anniversary Blend
Black Cherry, Milk Chocolate, Nutmeg

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We've relaunched a classic in honor of our 25th Anniversary!

Old '93 is our rendition of the world's original coffee blend, Mokka Java. The intense berry-like acidity of an Ethiopian coffee balances the smooth, earthy body of a Sumatran coffee, creating a stunning harmony of fruity, chocolatey, lightly spiced notes. 

The name “Old ‘93” refers to the year of our inception as PT's Coffee. We opened our doors in February of 1993 and have since taken our passion to new levels, expanding from one humble cafe to roasting and sourcing some of the best coffees in the world.

The past 25 years have been quite a ride. Enjoy this throwback while it lasts! And don't forget to browse our clearance sale on vintage merch while you're feeling nostalgic.

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