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Granja La Esperanza / Mokka Natural

Blue Label
Prune, Lemon Zest, Port Wine

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An absolutely unique offering from Café Granja La Esperanza. Aromas of port wine and milk chocolate give way to flavors of prune and tamarind in the cup, with a juicy body and lemon zest acidity. Savory notes of Brazil nut and juniper make for a memorable aftertaste. 

This coffee is available whole bean in 8-ounce Blue Label tube packaging and will roast on Tuesdays only.


Producer: Rigoberto Herrera
Farm: Café Granja La Esperanza
Region: Valle del Cauca
Altitude: 5,085 feet
Varietal: Mokka
Process: Natural
Roast: Light-Medium
Notes: Prune, Lemon Zest, Port Wine

The Story

Café Granja La Esperanza's Mokka is exceptional both in quality and rarity. Generally found in the state of Hawaii, this variety was originally cultivated in Yemen and features the smallest bean size of any Arabica coffee. Mokka is known for its strong character, dense body, and pronounced sweetness. The aptly named Hawaii farm at Granja La Esperanza has a microclimate perfectly suited to this variety, featuring volcanic sandy loam soil, mild average temperatures, and full sun. The Mokka is harvested twice a year, then carefully sun-dried.

The Herrera brothers' patience and willingness to experiment with rare varieties has won them numerous accolades from the SCAA and Roasters Guild. They are also known for their fair and innovative production and labor practices. Optimal work conditions are a priority at the estate, where workers are paid fair wages and child labor is not permitted.

Key Production Notes from Granja La Esperanza:

All coffees are hand-picked at peak ripeness and pre-fermented in-cherry for 8 hours.

The parchment is sun-dried on African raised beds until it reaches a moisture content level of 11%, then stored in Grain Pro bags.

Every coffee lot is sampled and cupped by the Quality Control Lab at Granja La Esperanza before being sent to the dry mill.

A Brief History of the Mokka Variety

Originating hundreds of years ago as a dwarf mutation of Bourbon, the Mokha varietal was named after Yemen's port of Mokha. It was brought to Brazil in the mid-1900s under the name Mokka. A tree was then brought to the CTAHR research station in Hawaii, and several cultivars have been born from it.

The Mokka tree is notoriously small, bushy, and low-yielding, but this has been overcome by the “Tall Mokka” or “Maui Mokka” cultivar, a hybrid of the Mokka varietal with Typica. This tree retains the small cherries and flavor characteristics of the original Mokka, but gains height, creating a more productive plant.

It is this plant that now grows at Granja La Esperanza, one of only a handful of growing locations outside of Maui.


This coffee will be produced once a week, on Tuesdays. All coffee and merchandise in your order will be produced and shipped on the same day unless you specify otherwise in the Order Notes section of your shopping cart. Please see our Shipping FAQs for more details.


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