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Limu Natural Organic

Berry Jam, Lemongrass, Swiss Chocolate

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A jammy and complex natural-process offering from Ethiopia. Aromas of strawberry jam and baking spice lead to flavors of raspberry jam and lemongrass, with the acidity of clementines and a velvety body. Honeysuckle sweetness in the cup and an aftertaste of Swiss chocolate and kiwi make for a deliciously well-rounded coffee.


Producer: Yidnekachew Dabessa
Farm: Yidnekachew Dabessa Coffee Plantation
Altitude: 5,905-7,215 feet
Varietal: Heirloom
Process: Natural
Roast: Light-Medium
Notes: Berry Jam, Lemongrass, Swiss Chocolate

The Story

In Ethiopia, the majority of coffee is produced by smallholder farmers who process their coffees together at cooperatively owned washing stations. This natural processed offering is unique, due to its being produced by a single-owner plantation.

The Yidnekachew Dabessa Coffee Plantation (YDCP) is a private 150-acre farm owned by Yidnekachew Dabessa. Yidnekachew worked for over 15 years as a smallholder farmer before transforming himself into an entrepreneur and large-scale coffee farmer in 2008. His brother, Mesfin Dabessa, holds joint degrees in Agricultural Economics and Business Administration. After spending over a decade in various Ethiopian institutions, he joined his brother as General Manager.

The YDCP has a four-part mission: Coffee Quality, Economic Value, Social Responsibility, and Environmental Sustainability. The Dabessa brothers are using their combined 30+ years of experience in agriculture and modern farming techniques to produce the highest quality specialty coffee in the region. This high quality gains them a high price, and they are able to reward their 35 permanent and 95 seasonal employees with higher wages and benefits. The brothers are also committed to empowering other smallholders in the region by providing experience exchange and technology transfer. This is all done while giving due emphasis to environmental conservation and protection.

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