Finca El Socorro / Laurina Washed

Almond Torte, Red Grape, Cinnamon

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This silky cup introduces itself with aromas of almond, sweet cream, and cantaloupe. Notes of almond torte and red grape accompany golden raspberry sweetness and rose hip acidity. Cinnamon and pecan linger in the finish.


Producer: Juan Diego de la Cerda
Farm: Finca El Socorro
Region: Guatemala Department, Guatemala
Altitude: 5,900-6,200 feet | 1,798-1,890 masl
Varietal: Laurina
Process: Washed
Roast: Light-Medium
Notes: Almond Torte, Red Grape, Cinnamon

The Story 

Though it's not common today, Laurina was first classified in the 1940s on the island of Réunion, east of Madagascar. This dwarf mutation of Bourbon is unique in that it naturally contains less than half the caffeine content of most Coffea arabica. It is also highly susceptible to leaf rust, which makes it too risky for many coffee producers to grow.

Direct Trade

Juan Diego de la Cerda's Finca El Socorro has proven to be one of the best coffee farms in Guatemala year after year. In 2007, it won 1st place in the Guatemala Cup of Excellence for the first time and took 4th place in the same competition in 2008. In 2011, El Socorro's Maracaturra lot won the Guatemala Cup of Excellence Competition. Then, in 2012, Juan Diego finished in the top five in the Coffee of the Year competition. Such consistent results made us jump at the chance to become Direct Trade partners with Juan Diego, and we're proud to continue offering El Socorro's excellent coffees year after year.

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