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La Mixteca Organic Bundle

Organic coffee from Oaxaca, three ways.
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Explore the rich, sweet flavors of our organic offerings from Oaxaca! We're currently offering coffee from Sierra Mixteca de Yucuhiti Unidos in three styles: regular (caffeinated), Mountain Water Process decaf, and a "half-caff" blend.

Save 15% when you try the regular Mixteca Organic alongside your choice of decaf or "half-caff."

Mixteca Organic: light roast with notes of hazelnut, white grape, and honey.

Mixteca 50/50 MWP Organic: light-medium roast with notes of molasses, pecan, and clementine.

MWP Decaf Oaxaca Galguera Gomez Organic: medium roast with notes of graham cracker, semi-sweet chocolate, and dates.

This bundle contains two 12-ounce bags of coffee. If you choose a grind option, both coffees will be ground to your specification.

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