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Dimtu Shakiso Washed

Peach, Caramel, Key Lime

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A smooth and lush light-medium roast. Aromas of peach, papaya, and cocoa lead to notes of caramel and green raisin in the cup, alongside Key lime acidity. Cocoa and a hint of oak emerge in the complex finish. 


Producer: Shakiso Outgrowers Mancity
Farm: 26 Smallholders
Region: Guji Zone
Altitude: 5,906-6,988 feet | 1,800-2,130 masl
Varietal: Heirloom
Process: Washed
Roast: Light-Medium
Notes: Peach, Caramel, Key Lime

The Story

Imported by our friends at Crop to Cup.

"Mancity is an outgrowers group of Dimtu Coffee Industries PLC, an organization in Southern Ethiopia that touches many parts of the supply chain: exporting, estate farming, processing facilities, and an in-depth outgrower/smallholder program.

"In addition to the outstanding quality we’ve found from Dimtu’s outgrower groups, their support and consideration for smallholders is among the most impressive we have seen. Farmers who decide to work with Dimtu and deliver their cherry to one of their 8 collection stations receive extensive training by technicians who provide hands-on education on best organic farming practices, sustainability, and quality training. Farmers are also given seedlings, organic fertilizer, and local indigenous shade tree seedlings as a larger effort to restore local tree varieties that are in danger.

"Dimtu staff does an annual outgrower report where they check in on farmers to track and advise on things like pruning and weeding practices, intercropping, protection of shade trees, and erosion susceptibility. The report also includes organic inspections, historical and expected production, and a map of the location of each farm. With all this support, plus a very competitive premium over the local price for cherry, choosing to work with Dimtu is an easy decision for many farmers in the area. The number of smallholders across all 8 of Dimtu’s collection stations has nearly doubled from 280 to 450 in just two years."

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