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Aguila Real

Amaretto, Lime, Blackberry

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This lively, round-bodied single-origin from Oaxaca introduces itself with aromas of baked apple, amaretto, and cinnamon. Blackberry and vanilla notes in the cup are accompanied by mellow malt sweetness and lime acidity. The finish features cocoa powder and hazelnut, with a subtly minty cooling sensation.


Producer: Don Braulio Ramirez Pereda
Farm: Aguila Real
Region: Cañada, Oaxaca
Altitude: 3,937-4,921 feet
Varietal: Typica, Bourbon, Mundo Novo, Gesha, Costa Rica
Process: Washed
Roast: Light
Notes: Amaretto, Lime, Blackberry

The Story

From the importer, Crop to Cup:

"As a producer, Don Braulio has remained at the forefront of the industry. Adapting to market trends, where he has demonstrated his expertise and versatility of action. The new wave of specialty coffees brought a renewal of ideas and methods which he’s adopted while simultaneously remaining true to himself and his convictions of good practice.

"This lot of coffee is the result of these changes. Its production meets the current quality standards, without losing the essence of the traditional, well-made artisanal coffee with touches of modernity.

"We have worked hand in hand with Don Braulio to select the best cherries and providing feedback at every stage of the process through our field laboratory. 

"Don Braulio is a true artisan, understanding his craft from the agricultural sphere to the intricate effects of processing on the final cup. He’s equally curious about new varietals, farming gesha in a parcel only minutes from his residence."

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