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The Washed Process in Pictures

By Will Vunderink on Sep 11, 2020

A step-by-step look at the most common coffee processing method in the world. Photos by Production Roaster Lara Prahm.

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Introducing Per Aspera Benefit Blend

By Will Vunderink on Jun 22, 2020

Taking its name from Kansas' state motto—Ad Astra Per Aspera, or "to the stars through difficulties"—our Benefit Blend will evolve seasonally, with 100% of net profits going to organizations dedicated to fostering positive social change.

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Origin Trip: Villa Loyola, Nariño, Colombia

By Will Vunderink on May 27, 2020

From growing its own bamboo for infrastructure construction to harvesting rainfall for irrigation, Villa Loyola has become much more than a coffee farm—it's a sustainable agriculture innovation center. Our green coffee buying team visited last winter to see their latest projects in action. Take a look.

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Origin Trip: Finca Santa Maria, Nariño, Colombia

By Will Vunderink on May 15, 2020

Each spring we eagerly anticipate the arrival of a new harvest from our longtime Direct Trade partners Finca Santa Maria. This winter, our green coffee buying team visited Armando Portilla during harvest to observe picking, sorting, and processing. Take a look.

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Please excuse our appearance...

By Will Vunderink on Apr 10, 2020

Our 12 oz. bags are going to look a bit different for the time being. Thanks for continuing to support us through turbulent times!

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New Shipping Rates

By Will Vunderink on Apr 01, 2020

We've reduced our free shipping minimum and introduced a cheaper rate for single 12 oz. bags to keep our coffee easy on your wallet!

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PT's COVID-19 Updates

By Will Vunderink on Mar 16, 2020

As we all navigate the unfamiliar terrain of COVID-19, we’ve made some changes to maintain a safe, healthy, and welcoming environment at our cafes and roasting facility.

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Guatemala Sourcing Trip, February 2020

By Will Vunderink on Mar 02, 2020

Various projects in the works at our Direct Trade partner farms have us very excited about arrivals from Guatemala later this year!

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Ethiopia Sourcing Trip, January 2020

By Will Vunderink on Feb 04, 2020

Daily highlights and photos from green buyer Jacob White's sourcing trip to Ethiopia as the harvest wrapped up in January.

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