The Chemex has long been one of our preferred brew methods at PT’s Coffee Roasting Co.  It produces an incredibly clean cup of coffee through its use of high quality glass (a substance that does not absorb odor or chemical residue) and high quality filters.  Below is a step-by-step guide to assist you in your brewing.  The actual dose, coffee-to-water ratio will depend on the coffee you are brewing.  Below is a standardized method, but should be adjusted slightly to achieve the best results for your coffee.

We recommend a good Burr Grinder, and a reliable scale to get the most consistent results with the Chemex.

Step 1
Weigh 50 grams coffee on your scale.  Using a good Burr grinder, grind to “medium-coarse”, a consistency between an Auto-drip and French Press Grind, roughly the consistency of Sea Salt. 

Step 2
Boil the filtered water in your kettle and set it off to the side, roughly 900 grams of water for now, we will need 750 g for your brew, the rest is for rinsing the filter.  We recommend a “goose-neck” kettle for your pour over, it allows the most control of your pour.  It will need to sit about 45 seconds before it is ready to pour over the coffee.

Step 3
Pre-wet your filter using about 100 g of hot water.  This step is necessary.  This washes out any dust and removes the paper flavor. It also preheats the brewer.  Once the water has completely fed through the filter, pull the paper out and drain the brewer.

Step 4
Set the filter back in the Chemex. The side of the filter with three layers should face the Pouring-Channel.  Add your ground coffee, 50g “medium-coarse” to the filter.  Set the brewer on your scale for accuracy and tare the scale.  Your water should be between 195-200 Fahrenheit.

Step 5
Pour the bloom using 100 grams water, keep a close eye on the scale for accuracy.  This initial pour is just to “wet” the grounds.  Depending on the freshness of your coffee, the bloom will rise.  This opens up the cup and helps develop the flavor of the coffee.  Wait 45 seconds.

Step 6
Begin a steady/aggressive pour and try to maintain your bloom through the pour.  Once your water level is about 3/4 full, try to maintain this level throughout the pour.  Keep a close eye on your scale, and stop at 750 grams.

Step 7
Once the brew cycle has completed, discard of your coffee grounds and filter. Side note, we highly recommend composting your coffee grounds and filter. They provide an good organic balance to many gardens when used in moderation, and plants that thrive in acidic soil, love coffee grounds.

Step 8
Pour and Enjoy!