The Beehouse Pour Over brewer is one of our go-to methods for single cup brewing; our cafe utilizes Beehouse brewer on our pourover bar. For our brewing method we use a 1g-14g ratio of coffee to water. For every gram of coffee used, we use approximately 14 to 14.5 grams of water.

For the purposes of this brew guide, we will be using a 27 gram dose of coffee, to yeild 378 grams of brewed coffee.

Step 1
Boil your water, roughly 400 grams, enough to rinse your filter and yield 378 grams of brewed coffee.

Step 2
Using a medium-coarse setting, grind your fresh coffee. For the most consistent results, a burr grinder will provide the most even grind.

Step 3
Place the brewer on top of your cup or carafe and set the filter in the brewer. Rinse the paper filter with hot water to remove the microscopic dust particles and paper flavor from the filter. This process also helps pre-heat the brewer and your pouring device or cup.

Step 4
After emptying your mug or carafe of the rinse water, place the brewer back on top, and add the ground coffee to the filter and shake to even the grounds.

Step 5
Begin the brewing process by pouring the bloom using approximately 75-85 grams of hot water. Pour the bloom using a circular motion to get an even saturation to wet the grounds. If the coffee is fresh, the bloom will be active and rise. Wait 30 seconds.

Step 6
After approximately 30 seconds, the bloom will begin to collapse. Begin pouring the rest of the water in a circular motion, and try to maintain the bloom, gradually working your way out from the center during the brewing process. When pouring, keep a consistent water flow and water level, about 2/3 full. Do not fill the brewer to the top, but keep an even water flow through the brewing process.

Step 7
Once you have poured all of your water (378 grams total), let the brewer drain completely. Remove the brewer from your mug or carafe and discard/compost the filter.

(Coffee Filters and Brewed Coffee Grounds are great for organic compost when used in moderation. Plants that thrive on high acid soil content, love the organic matter created by used coffee grounds.)

Step 8
Serve, Drink & Enjoy