JASAL is a family owned operation located in the Apaneca Ilamatepec region of El Salvador. Jose Antonio Salaverria and his family roots, have over 100 years of cultivating and processing experience. The Jasal group now manages numerous estates in the Santa Ana, Ahuachapan and Sonsonate departments. The mission of JASAL is straight forward, with a focus on sustainable agriculture practices and innovation to optimize the quality of coffee grown on their estates.

Jose Antonio and the JASAL group believe Quality Control is an organizational priority. In every step of the growing process, they are constantly evaluating and analyzing their crop, to improve their quality. From the moment the seed is planted, all the way through to harvest and milling, the whole process is monitored to ensure quality. This not only ensures a quality coffee, but it also provides coffee roasters like PT’s, the traceability we demand for every lot.

Once the coffee is harvested at one of the estates, it is brought to the Las Cruces mill, where it is processed using the washed, pulped-natural or natural process. The Las Cruces mill is equiped with the latest technology to ensure the processing is done in an environmentally sustainable manner.