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For complete coverage of the World Barista Championship, please go to blog for video updates an performances by all the winners. At PT’s Coffee Roasting Co. are proud to say we sponsored this outstanding effort by Katie and Zachary. Can’t wait to see what they do next on the fun, coffee information filled site.


Visit our Barrington Village store at 5660 SW 29th, Topeka as we launch our Clover 1-cup brewing system July 19, 2007. The Clover brewer is a one cup brewer that is perfect for sampling coffees prior to purchasing a full pound of coffee. Or, if you just want and exceptional cup and you’re willing to… Continue Reading

Aida’s Grand Reserve

Okay, this is going to be a short post, I just finished cupping Aida’s Grand Reserve from Aida Battle in El Salvador and it was Fantastic! It should arrive sometime in August. The fantastic coffees just keep arriving atPTs Coffee Roasting Co. . Warm Regards Jeff T.

PTs Coffee Roasting Co. welcomes ELIDA ESTATE COFFEE

I first discovered this coffee in January 2007 on a sourcing trip through Panama. I spent a couple of days visiting with Wilford Lamastas, touring his fincas and cupping his coffees. This coffee stood out on the cupping table immediately. A distinguished cup thats very sweet, soft and balanced. Very complete and elegant. I am… Continue Reading


3-DAY SCAA SKILL-BUILDING WORKSHOP EVENT Presented by the Specialty Coffee Association of America July 6 – 8, 2008 WASHINGTON DC ESPRESSO – CUPPING – PRO BARISTA SKILLS – BREWING JULY 6 – DAY 1 WORKSHOP ONE 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.: INTRODUCTION TO ESPRESSO WORKSHOP TWO 1 p.m. – 4 p.m.: HANDS-ON ESPRESSO JULY 7… Continue Reading

PTs Coffee Roasting Co. Purchases #1 Coffee in El Salvador Cup of Excellence Auction

Missoula, MT (July 2, 2007) – Five years after El Salvador farmers first rallied around the Cup of Excellence® program, the 2007 auction delivered its highest overall average prices to the 23 winning farmers. With an average price of $5.18 per pound, and a top price of over $15 per pound, the success experienced at… Continue Reading


We had a day of playing around with different products at the roasting facility the other day and we came up with some tasty ideas for some existing products. We decided to try our Jet Teas with some plain Harney and Sons black tea. This makes an amazingly good, refreshing beverage. The Jet Tea adds… Continue Reading

Waiting is Torture

I am sitting at my desk glancing nervously at the clock. Every minute seems like hours as we are waiting for the results of the competition. I knew that the guys were going to rock at the USBC, with all of their talent, on top of time they put into it how could they not?… Continue Reading

LBC Day 3!

Another day gone by and it ended on the best note of them all. Pete’s in da Finals baby!!! I know I have already said it, but this is where months of hard work gets you. And we at PT’s couldn’t be more proud. Well…we could. When we bring home the whole thing! Robin did… Continue Reading