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Holiday Flavors Have Arrived!!!

Hello all! It’s rapidly approaching that time of year again. That’s right….Christmas is only 7 weeks away. In lieu of this we have released our holiday flavored coffees this week! The flavors this year are Roasted Chestnut, Pumkpin Spice, Santa’s Surprise, and Christmas in a Cup. We will be carrying these through the end of… Continue Reading

PTs Coffee in the Community

October twenty-first is going to be a busy day for PT’s. Not only is the Barista Guild’s Jam that weekend, but PT’s is having the first ever coffee in the community! This is taking place at the PT’s Barrington Village location in Topeka on the corner of 29th and Arrowhead. This is going to be… Continue Reading

Technivorm KB 741 10 Cup Brewer

Are you looking for the perfect gift to give the coffee lover in your family? Check out this new brewer we just got in stock! I’ve personally owned one of these brewers in my home for the past year. It works! Its as simple as that. No bells and whistles, doesn’t do 10 different things… Continue Reading

Great Coffees

If there’s one thing I have learned in my short time here at PT’s is the value of great coffee. This has been done by sitting in on cuppings, and just talking to Jeff and Jayson about the coffee crops and what makes each crop special. There is a list put out by Forbes magazine… Continue Reading


Missoula MT. (September 21, 2006) – Amid much excitement and celebration, Edith Encisco Yasso walked away with Colombia’s first place trophy for the Cup of Excellence competition. Women owned farms in Colombia have placed in the competition and even been presidential winners, but have never taken the top place. “I am so very happy, I… Continue Reading


Well, we’ve cupped the final eleven cups and what an experience it was! Great coffee made it to the final table. One juror actually awarded a 100 point score! I wasn’t that genorous, but I did give 4 – 90+ scores on the final table. I found the top three coffees to be extraordinary! Creamy,… Continue Reading


It’s been a long couple of days. We cupped the top 41 coffees yesterday in a marathon cupping session that lasted until 7pm. I think Colombia represented itself very well yesterday producing a number of coffees that were scored over 90, but also several that will not make the final cut out of those 41… Continue Reading


It has been a really long day here in Neiva, Colombia. But the good news is, we’ve narrowed the coffees from 80 to 40. And even better, as I blogged yesterday, the coffees today were outstanding! Thats great news! The top 10 should really be outstanding when we are done with our work. Thursday is… Continue Reading


It was early Tuesday morning when we entered the “Centro de Convenciones – Jose Eustacio Rivera” in Neiva, Colombia. And we didn’t waste any time. The 32 jury members, including myself, from around the world headed straight for the cupping tables. To be honest…most of us passed on our morning cup at the hotel, knowing… Continue Reading