Hacienda La Esmeralda Especial has recieved so much acclaim over the past four years that it’s almost a non-event when another award is heaped upon it’s already bulging collection of trophy’s and certificates. The Panamanian farm that produces the world renowned coffee, La Esmeralda Especial, has done it again. Just this week Ken Davids, of… Continue Reading


Well summer has finally arrived. It’s been at or nearly 100 degrees here in T-Town now for about a week. This time of year always makes the days start to drag just a little. So you can call this special heat induced if you’d like. For a limited time, we are offering our Technivorm Brewer… Continue Reading


Working in customer service is an interesting thing. You just never know when a customer, that comes to the counter and orders a drip coffee of the day, may return and suprise you years later. Doug was a customer many years ago at one of our retail stores in Kansas City. Well as life would… Continue Reading


The anticipation of the new Clover coffee brewing system is growing! By the beginning of September you will be able to consume a personalized cup of brewed coffee made right before your eyes on our new Clover machine. Continue to keep checking the PT’s Blog for continued updates on the arrival of the Clover at… Continue Reading


Maya Ixil coffee cooperative is situated in the mountains of the tropical Ixcan region in the department of Quiche, Guatemala. The fertile valleys, temperate climate and high altitudes have a positive effect on cup quality, but this top quality cup is a direct result of the technical crop improvements of the Ixil farmers who are… Continue Reading

PTs Coffee Roasting Co. welcomes ELIDA ESTATE COFFEE

I first discovered this coffee in January 2007 on a sourcing trip through Panama. I spent a couple of days visiting with Wilford Lamastas, touring his fincas and cupping his coffees. This coffee stood out on the cupping table immediately. A distinguished cup thats very sweet, soft and balanced. Very complete and elegant. I am… Continue Reading

Great news! We just received our reviews from Ken Davids of and we scored very well. Ken reviewed two of our coffees. The first is a Cup of Excellence coffee from El Salvador called Finca Los Planes. We were a bit concerned how this coffee might score as the green crop is nearing a… Continue Reading

Coffeefest Chicago

Hello from Chicago! It’s quite chilly here as I write this evening. We got an unexpected (at least to us) bluster of snow today. It has definitely added an extra layer of excitement to an already amazing show. There are so many great people here from all over the country, even other parts of the… Continue Reading

A Word from Robin My personal espresso blend is …

A Word from Robin My personal espresso blend is called Espresso Elizabetha. I named it after my 19 month old daughter Elizabeth. It is a simple blend composed of only two beans; each exceptional as single origin shots. First there is the Brazil Natural Yellow Bourbon from Fazenda Cachoiera. It has been African bed dried… Continue Reading