A Word from Robin My personal espresso blend is …

A Word from Robin My personal espresso blend is called Espresso Elizabetha. I named it after my 19 month old daughter Elizabeth. It is a simple blend composed of only two beans; each exceptional as single origin shots. First there is the Brazil Natural Yellow Bourbon from Fazenda Cachoiera. It has been African bed dried… Continue Reading

Robin in the News

Robin Seitz PT’s Coffee Co. Manager and the 2007 SCAA Midwest Regional Barista Champion was featured on Topeka’s KTKA 49 News on the January 25th. Click here to watch the interview for yourself!

Slide show of SCAA Midwest Regional Barista Competition

To view the slideshow please click on the photo For Final Standings please visit this link

Pictures from the SCAA Midwest Regional Barista Competition

More to come!!!

Midwest Barista Champion!

PT’s own Robin Seitz brought home the gold at the 6th annual SCAA Midwest Regional Barista Championship on January 19th. This intense two day competition ended well for the PT’s Baristas. Robin Seitz placed first and Pete Licata placed third. Robin is the manager at PT’s in Topeka, and Pete is the Manager at the… Continue Reading

The Midwest Regional Barista Competition thus approacheth…

The time is drawing near, only a week away. Baristas from around the Midwest region are about to gather to test the metal of their espresso skills at the SCAA Midwest Regional Barista Competition. The average observer will marvel at the seeming ease of each competitor, unaware of the months of grueling preparation, late caffeinated… Continue Reading

PTs Coffee in the Community

October twenty-first is going to be a busy day for PT’s. Not only is the Barista Guild’s Jam that weekend, but PT’s is having the first ever coffee in the community! This is taking place at the PT’s Barrington Village location in Topeka on the corner of 29th and Arrowhead. This is going to be… Continue Reading

Barista Guild Jam Session!

That’s right…it’s that time again. PT’s and Torani are teaming up to bring you the BGA jam of the century! Mark your calendars now: October 21-22, 2006 Seriously….write it down. Ok, Thank you What, you may ask, will make this particular jam so noteworthy? Well, we have this one guy…Matt Riddle (you might know him… Continue Reading


Missoula MT. (September 21, 2006) – Amid much excitement and celebration, Edith Encisco Yasso walked away with Colombia’s first place trophy for the Cup of Excellence competition. Women owned farms in Colombia have placed in the competition and even been presidential winners, but have never taken the top place. “I am so very happy, I… Continue Reading