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Pictures from the USBC

I thought that everyone might appreciate seeing some pictures from the USBC. There will be more pictures available as time progresses!

Final day of LBC

Well folks, the day has come and it’s the final day at Long Beach. Most of us are flying home tomorrow, but Pete is bringing back the best carry on out of all of us. As Victoria stated, our very own Pete Licata took second! ALL of us at PT’s are soooooo proud of him… Continue Reading

Pete Takes Second!

I just received word from California that PT’s very own Pete Licata placed second at the Speciality Coffee Association of America’s United States Barista Competition. Good friend of PT’s Heather Perry a returning SCAA United States Barista Champion won the event. Kris will be posting the details of finals as soon as he gets a… Continue Reading

LBC Day 3!

Another day gone by and it ended on the best note of them all. Pete’s in da Finals baby!!! I know I have already said it, but this is where months of hard work gets you. And we at PT’s couldn’t be more proud. Well…we could. When we bring home the whole thing! Robin did… Continue Reading

Another day in the sun….good times for the crew!

I missed blogging yesterday so everyone is gonna get the scoop for two days worth. My dearest appologies too all our fellow readers in the whirled wyde web, hehe.So after a not so busy first day and short nights rest, my day started pretty early with a volunteer meeting. I was representing the PT’s crew… Continue Reading

Hello from Long Beach!!

Well, everyone made it here to Long Beach in one piece. As much as I would like to say this post will be full of madness, mayhem, and mystery, but two out of three isn’t bad right? I arrived around 12:30 today and found a shuttle to Long Beach, excited about attending my very first… Continue Reading


Hey everyone, the CLOVER arrives tomorrow! IF you haven’t seen one of these in person before, you won’t believe the quality of coffee drinks it produces. Give us a call or stop by the roasting plant to take a look. We’ll be happy to make you a cup that will knock you socks off! Look… Continue Reading

Espresso Elizabetha

The wait is almost over, Robin’s winning espresso blend Espresso Elizabetha is available for sale starting February 19th on the PT’s Coffee Co. website. This blend will be available for a very limited time! Enjoy the espresso that was created by the 2007 SCAA Midwest Regional Barsita Champion.

A Word from Robin My personal espresso blend is …

A Word from Robin My personal espresso blend is called Espresso Elizabetha. I named it after my 19 month old daughter Elizabeth. It is a simple blend composed of only two beans; each exceptional as single origin shots. First there is the Brazil Natural Yellow Bourbon from Fazenda Cachoiera. It has been African bed dried… Continue Reading