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You know how you’ve always wanted to drive across the U.S.A. hitting all the really cool coffee shops and seeing America at the same time? Maybe taking the side roads and checking out all the great radio stations. How about planting a tree in every state you visit? Wouldn’t that be cool? You would crash… Continue Reading


    One of our customers this last week wanted to know a little more about our Rwandan Bufcafe, and I thought I would pass on the information for anyone who would like to know a little bit more about this intriguing coffee. Although Rwanda is in no way new to the coffee world, it is… Continue Reading


So, just how good are your baristi? Do they know how to pull the perfect shot of espresso every time? Can they stretch and froth milk with perfect consistency then pour latte art in the cup? Can they serve customers quickly so they get their drinks and get on their way? An excellent barista can… Continue Reading


PT’s Coffee Roasting Co. is proud to  welcome the newest addition to the family Bryan Miller. Bryan is going to be working at the Roasting Facility in the capacity of Customer Service Representative. Bryan has previous experience working within the coffee industry therefore he brings with him a wealth of Barista and general coffee knowledge.… Continue Reading


The anticipation of the new Clover coffee brewing system is growing! By the beginning of September you will be able to consume a personalized cup of brewed coffee made right before your eyes on our new Clover machine. Continue to keep checking the PT’s Blog for continued updates on the arrival of the Clover at… Continue Reading


For complete coverage of the World Barista Championship, please go to blog for video updates an performances by all the winners. At PT’s Coffee Roasting Co. are proud to say we sponsored this outstanding effort by Katie and Zachary. Can’t wait to see what they do next on the fun, coffee information filled site.

The Finals…

Here it is ladies and gentlemen, the big news is in: Heather made the finals!!!! Now that I got that out of the way, it has been a crazy past two days. There were 45 competitors between the days and there was some incredible talent. Unfortunately there is only room for 6 in the finals,… Continue Reading

I feel slightly ill…

Cappuccino, cappuccino, cappuccino, cappuccino. The past two days have been more steamed milk than any human being should ever have to endure. Let me start by saying that I personally don’t drink milk based based espresso drinks all that often to begin with. I would say that I have at the very least consumed a… Continue Reading

Welcome to the jungle baby!

Well, I finally made it! After 16+ hours of travel time, an hour and a half of commuting on the train system (which is really quite pleasant), and multiple fumblings and butcherings of the Japanese language I am finally settled in. My hotel is nice though it is small, the people are just like everyone… Continue Reading